GoodMix can use different high-performance composite materials to meet the performance requirements of the product. The main high-quality composite materials are: CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced composite) and FRP (fiber reinforced composite)




FRP(fiber reinforced composite)



FRP fiber reinforced composite material is a high-performance material formed by mixing fiber material and matrix material (resin) in a certain ratio. It is light weight with good hardness, non-conductive, has high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, good designability and performance characteristics.





CFPR(carbon fiber reinforced composite)




CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced composite) is one of the most advanced composite materials available. Its specific strength and specific modulus are the highest among existing structural materials.

It is widely used as structural material in extreme environments due to its light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent thermodynamic performance. CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced composite) has a flexible molding process and its structure and performance are highly designable.

CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced composite) is widely used in military, aviation, racing, sporting goods and other fields. It can replace metal to improve product performance.




CFRP(carbon fiber reinforced composite) Products